reenactment ENGL

Kids always like to feel or try things out but often as an adult we have to prohibit them to touch things for safety reasons. As everything we do is based on what kids like to do and keeping them active, it is very important to us that they can try some things out anyway but in a safe way. On top of that they can make their own hat or musical instrument.

If you would like us to entertian the kids at your reenactment-event, you can make a choice out of our whole package :

TOTAL PACKAGE (all of the underneath)

  • 150,00 € per day
  • 300,00 € per weekend


  • 50,00 euro per day (max. 5 HOURS)

in one corner we’ve organised a forgery waar the kids can forge their own sword like a real blacksmith. next is a cooking fire where they can prepare a stew as paople did in those days. Lots of kids are certainly intriged by pray-birds, our stuffed birds are totaly safe and can be touched, caressed or be put on the hand.


  • 25.00 euro per hour / 75,00 euro per day  (max. 5 hours per day)

A big part of our needed space is used for the circus materials. The kids can try out and experiment with diabolo’s, juggling balls, chinese plates, flowersticks and much more. We need a lot of space to play and also it is not interesting to be next to breakable or fragile materials.


  • 100,00 euro per day (max. 5 hours / 50 persons)

At the table kids can – assisted by an adult – craft their own paper knight-helmet  or princess-hat, make their own wooden instrument or paint their wooden shield. If needed we can arrange for the audience to pay for this workshop instead of teh organisation.


  • 25.00 euro per shift (+/- 1/2 tot 1 hour)

During less crowded moments or at arranged times we can make giant soap-bubbels. This atracts a big crowd and could so be usefull to gather an audience for an announcement or the start of an act. We do depend on the weather-conditions and also the location needs to be fitted.


  • 25,00 euro per hour (maximum two balloons per child)

To give our little knights the chance to have sword-fights or walk around with a sword in a safe way, we sculpture swords and belts out of balloons. Also our young princesses can ask for a hat  or a crown. Though we like to stick to the habits of those days, we try to be modern in this way that boys can get a hat or crown and the girls receive a sword if they like to have one.


Please always keep in mind that do not offer a babysitting-service. The attending adult remains at al times responsable for the kids but is free to have a drink at a close-by bar. What we do offer is guiding so our material is used in a correct way and we can try to push kids to try out something new.

  • needed surface if circus is included : +/- 100 m2 (tent, trailer en space to play)
  • we prefer to be close to a bar/restaurant so the adults can relax while the kids arte playing
  • electricity-connection needed (we provide extra cables, splitters and light)
  • timing : maximum 5 hours a day (start- and end-hour in agreement with organiser)
  • we dress in to the event adjusted clothing but are always recognisable to the audience
  • our materials are – as much as possible – adjusted to the theme of the event